Coaching with Camila

The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself ♥

It is my absolute joy, strength, and life puropse to support women like you to build a loving relationship with themselves.

Working with me is being held and supported unconditionally on a safe container where you will explore and understand your inner world.

You will recognize what is keeping you stuck or unfulfilled, and acquire the tools you need to transform it and live more aligned and fulfilled being your most authentic self.

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My Method


Coaching 1:1

This is for you if you want to:

  • Know, understand, and love yourself

  • Transform self-criticism into self-compassion

  • Find clarity on what you want and need

  • Trust yourself and honour your decisions

  • Feel confident to go for what you desire

  • Embrace your authentic self and live unapologetically

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How I Support You

Words of Appreciation

Cecilia, Scotland

“I cannot recommend Camila enough. In fact, this testimonial has been redrafted twice as it is difficult to convey my gratitude in the limited method that is word.

When we began our sessions, I had put myself in a pretty sticky spot mentally and emotionally during a period of significant and necessary change.

I was motivated but fearful to move forward and needed some help to navigate out of my “comfort zone”.

We also share a friendship which brought up the question of whether or not it would be feasible for Camila to work with me in her professional coaching capacity. Thankfully, Camila took the time to sincerely assess whether or not and how she could support me as a coach and we were able to maintain healthy boundaries.

The space that Camila holds is so authentic, safe, full of love, non-judgmental and nurturing that I was confronting and walking through challenging areas with minimal hesitation.

Camila is professional without being detached which meant that the sessions always felt like an organic conversation between two humans.

With Camila’s support, I transitioned from confused, stuck and fearful to clear, relaxed and empowered.

Thank you Camila. Love and light, always <3″

Daniela, Bulgaria

“When I started this journey I did not really know what I was getting myself into – I felt rather stuck, insecure, and had no clue where to start from or what to expect. However, once we started our call, I immediately felt heard and welcome.

Camila guided me with tools, exercises, and especially – dedication, patience and kindness through regular practice, to start discovering myself. In the process, I found that I hold on to many ideas, visions and beliefs, some of which no longer were helpful, and others that I could use to guide me.

Camila helped me challenge assumptions to demolish the monuments in my heart and mind which stood there to hold me fearful and small. With her support I started recognising my power – that I am the one responsible for my living – I choose what matters to me every day, and I am the one living my life. It sounds so obvious, but still, it is one of the most difficult things to face, because it feels rather lonely and scary to me.

And yet, I never felt alone with Cami’s guidance – I started learning how to be here for myself, and how to create the space, environment and relationships that nourish my life, so that I can love & trust myself more in the process.

For all this, I want to say a big Thank You!”

Kathrin, Germany

“Working with Cami has been an extremely challenging yet rewarding and eye opening experience. She’ll start every session with a grounding exercise that prepared me to connect with my honest self and was a welcome break of my busy day-to-day life.

During our conversations, Cami made sure to hold an open space for anything and everything I was feeling or experiencing. She does not push her views on you but meets you where you are and leads you to become a more aware version of yourself that is able to discover so many wisdoms previously hidden deep inside.

I later filled a notebook with all the wisdoms and knowings, but also practical tips that Cami gave me to stay in touch with my feelings during my everyday life.

When I have a difficult situation, I sometimes ask myself “What would Cami say?” and simply asking that question allows me to arrive at the right answer, although not always the one I want to hear 🙈

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