Hi, I am Camila

I am a Personal Development Coach and I help women around the world to heal their relationship with themselves and feel empowered to live a life that aligns with their true needs and desires.

I was born in Chile and have lived and travelled all around the world for the past 10 years. I am finally putting down some roots and building my home in the beautiful coast of Ecuador.

My passion and purpose is to help women connect to their inner power and feel safe within themselves, so they can make empowered choices to build a life that honours who they truly are.

At a very difficult time in my life, Self-Knowledge transformed me forever. I undertood that my power resides in learning how to manage my inner world so I can respond with awareness to the external world (instead of living on autopilot and reacting to life).

The use of tools that tailored to me and my context, and the loving support of guides and myself helped me to transform:

  • Feeling lost and powerless
  • Wanting to please everyone and putting my needs aside
  • Criticising myself all the time
  • Wanting others to aprove of me
  • Trying to control every aspect of my life (without success)
  • Comparing myself to others
  • Feeling like I was never good enough
  • Feeling scared about what the future might bring
  • Feeling empowered and clear on what I want, need, and deserve
  • Prioritizing myself
  • Being compassionate with myself
  • Accepting myself and seeing my value
  • Learning how to respond to the changing world with confidence and ease
  • Being brave to trust myself
  • Knowing my inner worth
  • Feeling brave, safe, and home within myself

“I have built a home with another person few times now, always expecting it to be a lasting haven. As the storms came and went the homes would show their weakness and eventually come apart. Being left with the dread of sadness and the hollow feeling of unwanted new beginnings, it has finally started to dawn on me that if I build a home within myself, a palace of peace created with my own awareness and love, this can be the refuge I have always been seeking.” – Yung Pueblo


Your Dream

~ If you are ready to stop having self-doubt and self-criticism control your life

~ If you want to trust yourself to build a life that honours your wellbeing and supports your happiness

~ If you want to experience the transformation and joy of living a life feeling safe within yourself

I am ready to support you on the way there.

Let’s Journey Within,

with love,

Camila Soffia Signature

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